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The purpose of the Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation is to support excellent education in the public schools in the Woodrow feeder pattern in the form of loans, grants and scholarships.
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International Baccalaureate

One of the earliest goals of the Foundation was to support the International Baccalaureate program. The IB program is hailed as an outstanding means to promote greater rigor in the classroom, and provide more academic challenges for students of all income levels. The Foundation is proud to support the IB programs at WWHS and many of our feeder schools.

Academic Scholarships

The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation is the custodian of a number of endowments that are intended to provide college scholarships to deserving students. These endowments are a wonderful gift to Woodrow and to the students who will benefit from the encouragement and financial support these scholarships will provide. It will be exciting to see how our students blossom and flourish as they pursue their education.

The Cornerstone of the Community

Woodrow Wilson High School is more than just a school. It is a cornerstone of the community.

Generations of young people have studied in its classrooms, played on its athletic fields, flourished in its arts programs. They have gone on to meaningful and productive lives, prepared for their roles as adults and as citizens. And each generation has looked back at their Woodrow experience with loyalty and pride.

The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation was formed to ensure that Woodrow’s reputation for excellent education is continued for generations to come. We are committed to supporting educational programs at Woodrow, as well as at the schools in the feeder pattern, in order to uphold the highest standards possible for public education in the city of Dallas.

Your donation to the Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation is a sure way to demonstrate your passion for top-quality public education for today and for tomorrow.

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Our funding comes from grants and special endowments plus occasional fundraising events. The most important element of our funding is donations, both corporate and individual. Please see our contribution options below.

  • Make an online donation.
  • Become a  Cornerstone Partner. Cornerstone donors commit to regular monthly donations of at least $25. These donations form the bedrock of our foundation.
  • Make a major gift or fund a scholarship.
  • Volunteer services, goods, or time.

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"I've always loved Woodrow Wilson High School and owe a tremendous amount to the school. I'm giving back what I can."
Richard H. Vitale​
Founding President & Class of 1991​
"Strong public schools are critical to our community. This Foundation is committed to directing resources to strengthen our schools."
Emily M. Martin
Founding Board Member