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Woodrow Feeder Impact Fund, Honoring Gary Griffith


The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation, Inc. (“the Foundation”) was formed to support the Woodrow Wilson High School Feeder Pattern (“the Woodrow Feeder Pattern”) within the Dallas Independent School District (“the District”).

One of the Foundation’s principal commitments to the community is to provide financial resources (in supplementation of the district’s budget) to support an excellent education for students attending Woodrow Feeder Pattern schools. The Foundation invites grant proposals seeking financial support for meritorious classroom and school initiatives clearly intended to achieve this purpose. The Foundation’s goal is to approve as many such proposals as is consistent with the Foundation’s ongoing fiscal responsibilities in order to assure the long-term financial growth and development of the Foundation so it will be able to continue this type of support well into the foreseeable future.

Demand for financial assistance could easily exceed the Foundation’s grant budget in any particular fiscal year (particularly during these early years while the Foundation’s grant program is getting started). In reviewing proposals, the Foundation will therefore give priority to those that either (a) have the potential to produce significant positive improvement in student educational experiences and success and/or (b) address immediate critical needs that, if not promptly met, will likely cause significant adverse consequences for students. Accordingly, the Foundation has adopted these Grant Application Guidelines to assist applicants in preparing proposals that will contain information the Foundation considers particularly important, as well as to assist the Foundation in meeting its legal responsibilities as a Texas non-profit corporation and an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.


The Foundation’s signature grant program was created to honor its founding Vice President, Mr. Gary Griffith. An alumnus of Woodrow Wilson High School, former member of the Dallas City Council, and outstanding community volunteer and leader, Mr. Griffith’s impact and commitment to service is a model for us all.

The Foundation is delighted to deepen and extend Mr. Griffith’s positive impact on the community through its grant program designed to support and improve the educational experience and success of students within the Woodrow Feeder Pattern.


  • Available Funding: Awards up to $5,500
  • Application Deadline: November 1, 2020
  • Selections and Notification: December 1, 2020
  • Applicant Eligibility: Woodrow Feeder Pattern educators or campus leadership, unless otherwise noted.
  • Award Restrictions: Must support classroom or school-level initiatives in the Woodrow Feeder Pattern and follow any other guidelines noted for specific grant awards noted below
  • Priority Funding Areas: Classroom or school-level initiatives across grade levels PreK-12 and all subject areas as well as those detailed within specific grant awards noted below
  • Reporting Requirements: Brief financial and narrative report required within 15 months of grant award
The Foundation welcomes proposals for a wide variety of projects that will support education excellence. Sample projects might include:
  • flexible seating within a classroom as part of a broader instructional plan
  • remodeling the teacher’s lounge as in investment in educator wellness and campus culture,
  • specialized professional development or training for educators to support mastery of their craft

We encourage applicants to submit any request that fits within the Foundation’s application guidelines and supports student success.

Available funding will be awarded as follows:

  • General funding – Up to $5,000 in general grants that meet the broad criteria outlined above. This funding may be awarded to a single grantee or multiple grantees. A portion of this funding will be awarded annually in honor of Dorcy Clark – founding president of the Lakewood Elementary Expansion Foundation (LEEF).
  • Arts funding – Two awards are available: 1) up to $350 in funding to provide needed art supplies for a teacher’s classroom; 2) up to $150 in funding to provide needed art supplies for an individual student (application should be prepared by a student and submitted by a teacher on their behalf).


The Foundation invites proposals that meet the purpose and requirements outlined in the application guidelines above. To be considered for funding, proposals should be completed using the Foundation’s grant application form and include information as described below:

I. General Information  i. Title of Proposed Project/Initiative
ii. Name of Project Lead and position at the school (e.g., teacher, principal, etc.)
iii. Contact Information for Project Lead (e-mail and telephone)
iv. Anticipated Duration of Project (start and end dates)
v. Confirmation that the Principal supports and approves of the proposed Project (including contact e-mail and telephone)
vi. A commitment by the Project Lead to provide a report to the Foundation within 15 months of the grant award using the Foundation’s report template; additional reports may be required for Projects lasting more than one year

II. Proposed Project Description
i. Specific need(s) addressed by the Project
ii. Goal(s) of the Project (stated in terms of classroom/school impact, expected student outcomes, etc.)
iii. Description of how the Project will be implemented (e.g., timeline, participants, participant roles, and key methods)
iv. Identify the group of students who will be impacted by the Project (e.g. 30 students in 8th grade science class)
v. Identify how the success of the Project will be measured
vi. Student-requested arts funding only: A sample of student art work
vii. Estimated Project budget

III. Proposal Submission Requirements
i. Proposals must be received by the Foundation no later than 11:59 p.m. on November 1st
ii. Proposals are limited to 3 pages, inclusive of attachments (unless prior approval of a longer submission is sought and obtained from the Foundation)
iii. Proposals should not be unnecessarily complex; small Projects warrant very short explanatory descriptions and, likewise, short reports
iv. The Project Lead should submit the Proposal to the Foundation online through the Foundation’s grant application form

Additional Information

You may reach the Foundation using the contact information below. Inquiries should be addressed to Grants Committee Chair, Courtney Rogers or Foundation President, Richard Vitale.

Email: grants@woodrowfoundation.org
Phone: 214.702.1242